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What Can You Expect?

We would be honored if you decided to visit our services in person.
We would like to share with you what you can expect if you were to visit.

First off, you will be welcomed! We often have guests who attend our services and we always do our best to make them feel welcome. If you were to visit, expect some people to greet you and welcome you. You are welcome to sit anywhere you like (we don’t have “assigned seats”). We want you to feel comfortable and welcome.

What takes place during a service will depend on which one you attend.

If you attend a Bible class, we all gather together in the auditorium and normally we open with a song and a prayer. Then everyone is dismissed to class. We have classes for children that are divided into various age groups, sometimes we have a college class, on Sunday mornings we have a ladies’ class, and we have a large class of adults of all ages in the auditorium. Our classes are focused on the Bible, and we are very interactive in class. We love to share our thoughts and insights with one another, and we also welcome questions. We believe this is a great way to learn and grow closer to God!

We do a variety of things on Sunday evenings. Oftentimes we will have a Bible class after a brief period of worship. We will also have a full worship service, a singing service, a prayer service, or we may do something more “hands on” where we work on a project together (e.g. visiting shut-ins; filling out “thank you” cards for school employees, first responders, county officials, missionaries).

Our worship is focused on God. He is the one we worship and adore, and our worship services reflect that. The ways in which we worship are based on our convictions of what the New Testament teaches about worshiping God.
                You will hear several different prayers during a worship service. Different men will lead us in
prayer as we talk to God the Father from the heart.

We love to sing! You will see one man lead the entire congregation in acapella singing. We don’t
use any type of instruments in our worship, just our God-given voices blending together. It is
simple, yet beautiful, and it is our conviction that God wants us to praise Him in this way.

The sermons that you hear will be based on the Bible. We love the word of God and we follow
along in our Bibles as the preacher directs our thoughts. The sermons might be humorous, emotional, thought-provoking, or a combination of all of them. Our goal is to help people understand the Bible better so we can have an even better relationship with God.

Every Sunday we offer the Lord’s Supper at our morning and evening services. You will see trays passed around the auditorium – one will have pieces of bread made without yeast which represent Jesus’ body, and another tray will have little cups of grape juice that represents Jesus’ blood (see Matthew 26:26-29). As our guest, please feel free to participate or just watch.
                At some point there will be trays passed around to take up an offering from the members. We
do not require people to give a specific amount. They give as they choose. As our guest, you are welcome to offer something if you want, but please do not feel obligated to give. You truly are our guest!

Last, but certainly not least, perhaps the greatest thing you will see, is Love. We truly love one another. We truly love God. We love being together in the presence of God. We would be thrilled to have you as our guest so you can experience our love, and the love of God!

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